Pride Ego Worst Enemies of Wisdom Common Sense

“It’s better to remain thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!” That phrase was indirectly, or directly, aimed in my direction during a 6th grade class by a very wise Southern Gentleman who happened to be my teacher. That was many decades ago and I have never forgotten. There’s no idea if anyone else in that class got the message, as most were content to sit silently, never risking any comment.

Our world has been brainwashed to believe that an educational level and money determine intelligence and superiority. That has never been more apparent than during the last two years of 2020 to 2022. It has been observed by a minority as to the truth of this. Where what should be painfully obvious is those with all the degrees seem to be lacking a large degree of common sense.

There seems to be a hint as to why things could be so out of whack. A direct connection to the amount of time spent in fron of a TV! What better form of hypnosis, or brain-washing machine is there? If the ‘talking-heads’ say it, then it must be true. Why would they lie to us? For the most obvious reason of all…money.

Only now are whistleblowers finally admitting the absured amounts of money hospitals and medical professionals recieved for reporting deaths as related to the so-called virus. Funny how no one ever was able to isolate said virus, yet vaccines and any number of remedies were developed without that critical piece of information. A world-wide scam if ever there was one.

As has been pointed out, people missed how the homeless were never impacted by this. Why? The news media, being totally complicit with the scam, never brought this to the public’s attention. Why? Because the Main Stream Media was totally complicit and has been for decades while building up to this event.

As Hannity has pointed out for years, journalism died back around the ’80s. It was then the so-called journalists stoped being unbiased in their writing efforts, becomming shills for whatever their puppet masters wanted, rather than keenly unbiased reporters of just the facts.

Facts became lies actually. Anything other than truth is just that. A lie! The voices of MSM became at best story tellers.

Is COVID-19 REally An Act Of Nature?

Doesn’t it seem a little too convenient that the Covid-19 Virus sorta happened? What about the previous 18 viruses. All which were deadly, some moreso than others. All products of Nature? Due to dying pigs and birds? Does that make sense?
You don’t have to be some sort of conspiracy theorist to consider that these are part of Biological Warfare. Which is harder to accept? That this is some freak of nature or that it appeared in a test-tube as an accident?
Consider governments of every industrialized nation are experimenting with bio-weapons. Potential conflicts or massive public uprisings are targets for bio-chemicals of all sorts. You’re doubtful? Then do a search of the United States Biological Defense Program

China would not surprise anyone with involvement in bioweapons warfare

If you do a search, you may want to use a search engine like Google may otherwise censor results.
China is a communist nation committed to ruling the world with their doctrine. Their involvement in chemical warfare is no surprise. A nation that may be a little more of a shock would be India. Doesn’t that seem to go against the seeming non-violent nature of that country.
Then there is the issue of the toxic chemicals stores. These remain behind by Japan in China after WWII. These deposits have been discovered at construction sites and uncovered with disastrous results.
But keep in mind that chemical weapons are not the same as biological. Chemical agents can have an immediate affect in a given area. Biological weapons once introduced into the environment spread uninhibited. This creates a scenario out of control like Covid-19 and those before it.

Are there bioweapon facilities in Wuhan, China?

Wuhan Virus Lab
What’s brewing?
That this virus originated in China. and that China did everything possible to cover it up is clear. What isn’t quite clear, or we fear it is, that this could have been a bioweapon? Is that possible?
Are there bioweapon facilities in Wuhan, China? But would it be surprise if there were? In a report by it seems to be a foregone conclusion this virus “leaked” from a lab. And a lab barely a few blocks from the seafood market blamed for the event. Convenient?

Some analysts are predicting China is petrified…

But China committs to becoming the dominant world power. Because with the Yen replacing the Dollar as the international currency who wins? Did the “accidental” release of this virus have it’s intention realized? To create disruption in the U.S. in particular, and the world in general? It seems it may have fulfilled the intention.
So a petrified China exists according to some anaylists. That they may have created their own monster. Because governments around the globe affected by this virus are turning against them. The hard Public Relations efforts by China would give credibility to this notion.
There’s drastic financial efforts by the U.S. to support massive unemployment. Addressing the needs of small and big business. Creating a vaccine and steming the onslaught of this “hidden enemy.” But will they succeed in the attempt for a massive recovery of the strongest economy in the world? Only time will tell. And China? Only time will tell.  

But is another virus around the corner?