Is COVID-19 REally An Act Of Nature?

Doesn’t it seem a little too convenient that the Covid-19 Virus sorta happened? What about the previous 18 viruses. All which were deadly, some moreso than others. All products of Nature? Due to dying pigs and birds? Does that make sense?
You don’t have to be some sort of conspiracy theorist to consider that these are part of Biological Warfare. Which is harder to accept? That this is some freak of nature or that it appeared in a test-tube as an accident?
Consider governments of every industrialized nation are experimenting with bio-weapons. Potential conflicts or massive public uprisings are targets for bio-chemicals of all sorts. You’re doubtful? Then do a search of the United States Biological Defense Program

China would not surprise anyone with involvement in bioweapons warfare

If you do a search, you may want to use a search engine like Google may otherwise censor results.
China is a communist nation committed to ruling the world with their doctrine. Their involvement in chemical warfare is no surprise. A nation that may be a little more of a shock would be India. Doesn’t that seem to go against the seeming non-violent nature of that country.
Then there is the issue of the toxic chemicals stores. These remain behind by Japan in China after WWII. These deposits have been discovered at construction sites and uncovered with disastrous results.
But keep in mind that chemical weapons are not the same as biological. Chemical agents can have an immediate affect in a given area. Biological weapons once introduced into the environment spread uninhibited. This creates a scenario out of control like Covid-19 and those before it.

Are there bioweapon facilities in Wuhan, China?

Wuhan Virus Lab
What’s brewing?
That this virus originated in China. and that China did everything possible to cover it up is clear. What isn’t quite clear, or we fear it is, that this could have been a bioweapon? Is that possible?
Are there bioweapon facilities in Wuhan, China? But would it be surprise if there were? In a report by it seems to be a foregone conclusion this virus “leaked” from a lab. And a lab barely a few blocks from the seafood market blamed for the event. Convenient?

Some analysts are predicting China is petrified…

But China committs to becoming the dominant world power. Because with the Yen replacing the Dollar as the international currency who wins? Did the “accidental” release of this virus have it’s intention realized? To create disruption in the U.S. in particular, and the world in general? It seems it may have fulfilled the intention.
So a petrified China exists according to some anaylists. That they may have created their own monster. Because governments around the globe affected by this virus are turning against them. The hard Public Relations efforts by China would give credibility to this notion.
There’s drastic financial efforts by the U.S. to support massive unemployment. Addressing the needs of small and big business. Creating a vaccine and steming the onslaught of this “hidden enemy.” But will they succeed in the attempt for a massive recovery of the strongest economy in the world? Only time will tell. And China? Only time will tell.  

But is another virus around the corner?


Is A “Blog” A Weblog, Log, Or Website?

A Blogger!

Following are several definitions of what some dictionary sites define as a “blog.”

Is Can I Get A Little Help From My Friends Just A Song?

What would you do if I told a story on you,
Would you delete and block me evermore?
So give me your eyes and I’ll write you some words,
And try not to be a big bore.

Wish I could get by with a little help from my friends,
I’m tryin’ to get a little help from my friends,
Surely I can get help from my friends.

Writing words today when you have some to say,
Shouldn’t fall on blind eyes that’s for sure.
Read ‘em out loud to draw in a big crowd,
It will amaze ‘em if they just endure.

Just a “like” would help from my friends,
Follow me if you’re one of my friends,
I’m gonna fly with the help of my friends!

I love to write and it’s plain to see
There is always a topic for me.
My stories are true and it could happen to you
As the subject of one of these.

That’s how it is when you have friends,
They all help to the very end,
I get by with help from my friends

With A Little HelpFrom My Friends!! Joe Cocker

There is no rhyme nor reason for doing that, but it was just something going around in my head and I had to get it down. Does that happen to you? You wake up in the morning with the verse of a song rolling around in there, and it stays with you all day.

Of course, there is no song for the verses I wrote, and it was very loosely taken from that famous one by the Beatles back when. I challenge you to go back and read it with that tune in mind. Smiles are free and that should create one.

Do you consider it interesting the number of random thoughts that enter your mind on a daily basis? Would you be at all surprised that of the estimated 70K or so, you may only be aware of a very small portion consciously.

Obviously, you don’t consciously think about breathing, or blinking your eyes, swallowing, along with so many other bodily functions. Even scanning your computer screen takes thoughts. Processing all the colors, words, and content on the screen uses more. Are you starting to get the picture?

So does it seem all that unusual that you might wake up from a dead sleep with a tune running through your mind? By the way, in case you think there are no thoughts while you’re asleep, what about that dream you had? Yup, that counts too.

Now there has to be someone out there who wants to disagree with this, based on plain ole human nature. A number like 70,000 is hard to handle. One site I looked at put it closer to 600,000. Can you even remotely begin to wrap your mind around that?

So come on and jump in here. Can I get a little help from my friends? You know who you are, and maybe there’s a few who want to chime in on this that aren’t on my friend list. Cool! Of those 70K or so thoughts runnin’ around in your noggin, share a few here!

Do You Write Because You Can Or Because You Have To?

So was I writing because I could, or because there was this drive that I simply had to write?

In 2011 I had lot’s of time on my hands as I was attempting to recover from some mysterious fevers that had all the Dr.s stumped at the V.A. Hospital.

At the same time I had been working on building a website, and doing a good deal of writing. At some point, I ran across EZine Articles site, and an piece about article marketing caught my attention.

The idea of getting paid to write definitely appealed to me, and it just happened that EZine Articles was sponsoring a contest to write 100 articles in 100 days.

It's in the pot!
It’s in the pot!

About this same time I had come across a company promoting Omega 3 Fish Oil, which I had been purchasing and taking on a daily basis. So being a promoter of healthy living and high on Omega 3 at the time, it seemed like a great topic to write about.

Even though I was a few weeks behind, I figured if I could write 3 articles a day I could make the deadline for the contest with a day or two to spare.

The challenge was taken up and I began doing research to see how many different topics I could write about around this topic.

Now keep in mind I saw this as a challenge, whether I could do it or not. It wasn’t so much that I was 100% convinced about the benefits of Fish Oil in the form of a capsule. I was simply 100% convinced I could write 100 articles and maybe, just maybe, begin selling some writing. THAT was the real challenge. Could my writing earn money?

So was I writing because I could, or because there was this drive that I simply had to write? A great question in light of why I was writing those articles.

Writing is something I have been doing since 3rd grade in school. Stories of heaven and I don’t remember what else were some of my first efforts. Along the way it developed into love notes and eventually pen pal correspondence.

Being an avid reader my vocabulary grew far beyond that of my peers. So there was a wide range of words to draw from because of that reading. Little by little many of those words would find their way into my conversations, leading to ridicule from classmates who had no idea what I was talking about.

There has always been the need to put thoughts on paper. At one point stories of experiences in Ecuador were being provided for my hometown weekly newspaper and that was fun. No editor who had to justify his job by tearing up my reports. 

A difference was noticed between that type of writing and creating the articles based on a challenge. For that I had to write and there’s a huge difference for me compared to writing what seems to come naturally.

For me, I have to write! Writing because I can is something forced. This was just something that rolled out from inside. As spontaneous as thoughts just more directed. And you? Do you write because you can, or because you have to?